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About SevenEight Sport Solutions

We were born in 2013 with the idea of putting our extensive business experience at the service of the passion for sports activities in various fields (orientation, athletics, basketball, cycling, adventure raids). We build rewarding experiences for lovers of outdoor activities, respecting the Nature that welcomes us.

Anna Giustolisi

SevenEight's heart and head

I am an economist, with more than 20 years of experience in consulting and project management.

I have acquired a broad and versatile vision of the business world, developing my work in different departments of an energy multinational (Human Resources, Management Control, Marketing, Trading, Distribution, Industrial Measurement).
In the last 10 years I have channeled my interests towards environmental, sustainability and biodiversity projects.

I am a strategic thinker, agile, versatile, thorough analyst and efficient problem solver. I am passionate about operational excellence, as I believe it is the most efficient and sustainable way to achieve success.
I am action-oriented and comfortable in situations where results are expected.
I am a motivated individual who is recognized as someone who demonstrates enthusiasm, persistence and tenacity.


I lead by example creating committed and motivated teams promoting open communication.

Robert Ismael Loor Garzón


Petroleum Engineer with a Master's Degree in Project Management. I have more than 2 years of experience in the preparation, planning, organization and monitoring of projects.

I believe that effort, perseverance, perseverance and daily struggle are tools to achieve success and that happiness lies in doing what you love.

I am a creative, responsible and dynamic person. I like to be constantly learning to develop and improve my potential to the fullest.


SevenEight is a sports and cultural event management company that provides its services with high quality standards and that dedicates part of its profits to charitable organizations.


SevenEight will be a benchmark company in the European space, valued for its dedication to its customers and the high quality, differentiating its services.



in management

Solidarity among the participants

and of these with social causes in need of help.

Friendship as a vehicle

to unite peoples despite their cultural differences.


as an example of life to overcome daily difficulties.

Promotion of a lifestyle

based on the joy of effort and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.

Sport and Culture

as elements of integration for the physically and mentally disabled, and the elderly, among other social groups at risk of exclusion.

Promotion of equality

between women and men through the promotion of these values.

Promotion of sports tourism

natural and cultural as an element of development and sustainable survival of the rural area.

Respect for the environment

and promotion of their knowledge, assessment and improvement.